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Its been a very busy year for all of us here at Young & Inspired. All our projects have been running at maximum capacity, and our enrollment just keeps growing! We’re so grateful that we’re able to help disadvantaged young people achieve their potential, and we thank you all, our wonderful supporters, for allowing us to help them. Without you, we wouldn’t get anywhere. We owe the success of the children to you. Thank you!

Passion Fruit Project:

The children have just returned to school, the thrills and excitement of their wonderful summer holiday spent at the Passion Fruit Project still fresh in their minds. The two-week sleep away this year took place in rented premises in Yorkshire. The children were treated to an exciting variety of activities and experiences, including swimming, barbeques, hiking, water sports, inflatables, picnics, boating, York Maze, performances, parties, biking, rowing, outings, concerts, and so on. Every day was something new, and the children thrived on it!

We are very grateful to all the staff and volunteers for all the many hours of work and preparation they put into the project, to ensure the success, and the ultimate enjoyment for each child.

110 young people attended the project, and each one of these has come home changed. They have come home with healthy self-esteem and self-confidence and the attitude that they are capable too. For these children, The Passion Fruit Project has been the impetus to grow and change. We are proud to be achieving this change in children.







SwimFit Project:

We look forward to keeping you updated with the progress of the children with their swimming skills and their AQA Accreditations on these pages.The SwimFit project is a roaring success! The children attending SwimFit are making tremendous strides in their swimming abilities and skills, and look forward to their swimming sessions all week! The children are currently working towards AQA accreditations for their swimming skills, and are well on the way to receiving their accreditations. We are extremely proud of our children for their determination and perseverance in working towards their targets!

Sunshine Breakfast Club:

The Sunshine Breakfast Club is seeing fantastic outcomes for the children attending! Children are benefiting immensely from their daily breakfast session, twice weekly fitness sessions and weekly nutrition session. Their teachers are reporting tremendous strides in their learning, attention spans, handwriting, short-term memory and test results. Parents are reporting excellent improvements in children’s health and wellbeing, diet, fitness and eating habits.

Best of all, the children love attending the Sunshine Breakfast Club, reporting it as “changing my life” and “the highlight of my day!”. We are delighted that we are able to organise this for the children, and hope that in the future, we will be able to help many more disadvantaged children reach their potential.


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