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About Us

For a child living in miserable circumstances, school becomes miserable, after school times are miserable and school holidays are equally miserable too. In short, the child’s circumstances may follow them wherever they are, and doesn’t allow them to forget. Young & Inspired users come from a variety of backgrounds- children from low-income, impoverished households, children that are socially excluded, children with learning difficulties and disabilities, children from ethnic minority groups and so on.

At Young & Inspired, we provide a range of after school and extracurricular activities, which provide rich experiences to the young people which they would otherwise lack. These experiences allow the disadvantaged children and young people, age 6-16 to enjoy their leisure time and forget about their troubles, whilst at the same time empowering them with the ability to rise above their disadvantage. The activities and experiences they enjoy at our sessions are new to the majority of our users, something they’ve never tried before. We are proud that we are able to offer this to them, and make a significant difference to the lives of children and young people disadvantaged through poverty and social exclusion.

Being based in Hackney and having grown up in Hackney, each of our trustees and project managers are fully aware of the troubles and disadvantage many children growing up in Hackney face. This allows us to ensure that the services we provide meets the current need of the children.

 Our Aim

Young & Inspired aims to provide enjoyable entertainment for children and young people, to enrich their leisure hours while providing them with a strong sense of self-worth and developing a healthy self-esteem and self-confidence.

Our Vision

Our vision is to give every child the opportunity to enjoy their childhood, and to have equal chances to succeed despite, or in spite of disadvantage. We have a vision that every child should radiate a sense of accomplishment and develop a healthy self-esteem, equipped with the tools to deal with life’s challenges.

We have a vision, that ten years down the line, Young & Inspired users will have become active and productive members of society, having succeeded in their education and are now in a place to give back to society.


We have a vision. Will you allow us to succeed?



Young & Inspired Ltd.
26 Clapton Common
London E5 9BA
T: 020 3371 0997

Registered with companies house, company no. 07493381
Registered with charity commission, charity no. 1145639