Passion Fruit Project

Summer Camp

Children spend eleven months of the year at school. Some children thrive on the structured learning atmosphere; enjoy learning, acquiring new knowledge, and find thrill in succeeding in challenging classroom environments. In this school setting, their adrenaline kicks in, particularly when challenged and pressurised in the academic arena. It’s their life.

And then there are other kids…

Some kids thrive in the glorious outdoors, playing sports, running freely, and hanging out with friends. The classroom is not their room of choice, being there because that’s what the adults in their life dictate them to do. They may be disruptive, but they just feel locked in. The sun through the windows beckons invitingly, but they have no choice but to turn back to their math books. Their breaks finish far too soon, and are spaced way too far apart. This is their point of view. Altogether, the classroom is not their preferred venue of leisure. The great outdoors is far more appealing, and the school year is one big countdown to the summer holidays, when they will be free.

Some parents can afford to enrol their kids in after school clubs, send them to swimming lessons, and have a private coach for football. These kids feel that at least they have their after-school hours to enjoy their favourite pastimes. And really, how can they learn properly and do well in school if they haven’t got the chance to air out their brains in ways they enjoy doing it best?

And then there are other kids…

Their parents cannot afford to spend money on ‘frivolities’ as sports and leisure activities. Their children may be pining for it, but they can’t provide them with what they want or need. These children, from disadvantaged inner-London homes, feel resentment and frustration at their situation. And even when summer finally comes, they have nothing to do and nowhere to go. Their parents can’t afford expensive international travel, or even a holiday within the UK. They stay home and do nothing. For these children, summer is almost as bad as school, all year round.

And that is where we come in. Having been made aware of the situation, we are determined to give every child the summer of their dreams, regardless of financial background or social status.

We have a vision, that come summer, there are no bored or frustrated kids or teens hanging around at street corners. We have a vision that come summer, every child should be releasing their energy in healthy ways, enjoying themselves, having the time of their life, and come back to school in September energized, revitalized with a host of good memories and some lasting friendships to boot.

The Passion-fruit Project (PFP)                                                                                                                                                                     

Actual photo of our summer location

With this vision, we set out to realize our goals, and the Passion-fruit Project was born. The PFP is a summer camp for absolutely everybody, full of sun, smiles, laughter, fun and of course, passion.

We have hired premises at the Storthes Hall Student village, located in the rural countryside of Huddersfield. The premises are extremely well suited to our needs, having all the amenities and comforts one could expect at home. Because it is a student village, it meets our needs all the way, including many acres of grounds for sports and recreational facilities, a large purpose-built gym, comfortable rooms and ballrooms for dancing, meals, night activities and camaraderie. There is no pool on site; therefore we have rented a local pool daily for the duration of camp.


We prepare our programs so that our daily outings are varied, thrilling, and to places that the kids rarely, if ever get a chance to visit or experience. Some of the places we’ve been to are

Sandcastles Waterpark, Blackpool,

Waterworld, Stoke on Trent,

Camelot Theme Park, Chorley, Lancashire,

Snow tubing, Ski Rossendale,

On a picturesque hike at Dove Stone Reservoir, Oldham,

The quiet beaches at Ainsdale, Southport

Cruise on Lake Windermere


Night activity

Every evening, after a filling supper and relaxing rest hour, our campers are treated to an extravagant night activity. The program is always varied, ranging from music, singing and dancing to exciting games, water activities, plays, parties and so on. The children look forward to the night activities, and it is the perfect ending to the day.


Our staff of head counsellors, counsellors, junior counsellors, and assistants are carefully selected from a wide pool of applicants. Our staff undergoes an enhanced CRB check, and we also ensure each of our staff members has a passion for working with kids and giving them a summer to remember.

Our name, our aim

We have chosen the name, the Passion-Fruit Project for several reasons.

The passion fruit is a summer fruit, which evokes happy images of lazy summer days and dripping ice cream cones over bowls of fresh fruit salad. We want every child to have pleasant, happy and exciting views of their summer, and not that summer should evoke the unpleasant feeling of boredom and resentment.

In addition, the passion fruit is a fruit made up of many smaller seeds. We believe that the two weeks spent at summer camp sow the seeds, from which we reap the benefits a long, long time.

Above all, however, we believe in what we are doing, with a passion. We feel for these kids, with a passion. We want to give them a summer’s dream, with a passion. We want them to enjoy themselves, and to come back recharged, with a passion.