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What We Do

What Young And Inspired Offers Hackney’s Youth

With the help of donations from generous contributors, we are able to provide a variety of programs incorporating activities that allow Hackney’s youth to develop physically, emotionally, mentally, socially and academically, to learn and improve their social skills, and to raise their aspirations, self-esteem and self confidence.

Some of the activities which we proudly offer thanks to your contributions are:

After-School Clubs

To inspire and motivate Hackney’s youth, Young And Inspired has created different after-school clubs such as the Homework Club, the Football Club and the Swimming Club. Each of these was established to stimulate children physically as well as emotionally and socially, therefore allowing them to grow and evolve.

Holiday Camps and Programmes

Because motivation is a year-round process, our services and activities offerings aren’t limited to school terms. During holidays, we organize different sleepaways, outings, youth leadership courses and play programs that enforce our aim and help us achieve our vision. For more on our two week sleepaway, see ‘The Passion Fruit Project’ on the menu bar.


Obesity levels are at record highs. Childhood diabetes is on the rise. And what are kids doing to combat this? They’re sitting on the couch, watching TV, listening to music on their iPods, or texting on their mobile phones. The situation has reached a stalemate, with the kids not prepared to shift from their couch-potato stance, and their health is only deteriorating.

Concerned about the direction which the health of our youth is swiftly plunging, we launched the Swimfit project. Swimfit is a program aimed to get young people active, through weekly swimming lessons and leisure swimming. We firmly believe that with the correct approach to health, fitness and nutrition, we can improve the overall health of young people. And our approach is to make fitness fun, free of charge.

Our swimming sessions take place at the Tritons swim school in  Walthamstow. We provide transport to collect the children and bring them home, all free of charge. We want every child to have the opportunity to learn new habits, and to be fit, and  therefore our Swimfit project is free of charge, to make it accessible to as many kids as possible, regardless of their financial stability.

Remedial program

Sometimes, children need a little extra boost to help them succeed in school. Sometimes, those extra 30 minutes or hour weekly can make all the difference in a child’s success, or failure, in school. Sometimes, parents can provide this extra necessity for their children, and help them succeed. Many other times, children are struggling at school and are unable to access private tutoring due to financial constraints.

Here at Young And Inspired, we have a vision that no child should be left behind. We feel that if a child needs extra help at school, we will do everything we can to ensure that the child receives extra help in school. After all, success in school is the key to success in ones career and life.

With that in mind, we launched a pilot remedial program, which provided the children an hour of private, one-to-one tutoring a week. We worked with the child’s parents and classroom teachers to work out the most effective Individual Education Plan (IEP), whilst setting realistic goals and holistic targets.  The project involved 35 children that were referred to us by their teachers.

The results of the project proved that weekly session initiated a major difference to these children’s lives, with one child reporting “I used to dread reading and comprehension. The words were so confusing and I could never get it right. Now, with the help of my teacher, I love reading, it’s my favorite hobby!”

We are now attempting to raise funds to launch our remedial project in two of the largest schools in our community.  The project will assist approximately 120 children currently unable to maintain pace with their classmates. We will also engage volunteer tutors to assist our project which will in turn help them gain skills and experience to access further training and employment in the education sector.

If you believe that Hackney’s youth deserve a chance despite their poverty or disabilities, support our cause by donating. Through you, these children can enjoy what others across the U.K. receive on a daily basis.